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I just got the Facebook page up and going, and I can’t seem to export my first few posts to the FB page as of yet, so here’s a gallery of everything I’ve done in the last week.

It’s just 20 Blood Reavers, following the really good Warhammer TV guide found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJU1M4C2BMQ

Next on the list is going to be 5 Blood Warriors from the same series, and once the resin skulls I ordered off of eBay arrive, I’ll start doing some of the character models.

All Blood Reavers Blood Reaver Command

Blood Reavers Command – Complete!

Okay, I think I got my Reaver badge now.

Powered through and did all of the highlighting for the Command unit at once. Again, the skin could be a little better, but I still see improvement each time.

A friend commented they could be a bit more gruesome, so the splashes are a little more towards the models this time, plus the severed heads are a nice touch.

A group picture will follow, and then I’m going to move onto the 5 Blood Warriors from the Starter Box. I’d like to wait until my resin skulls get here but that may be a couple of weeks yet.





Blood Reaver Command – Basecoats and Washes

I’m up to the highlighting phase. I switched up my paint palette and am now using blank DVDs, which is really helping with paint consistency I am finding.

Regardless, the steps are the same as the previous Blood Reavers, just a lot quicker since there are only four. I am noticing the quality of the paint jobs getting better with each group too. Considering I just put another 20 Reavers together with another 20 enroute…

Only paint change is the topknot: Naggaroth Night base with an Imperial Purple (Reaper) drybrushing.

Note I did nothing with the banner or the heads the Chiefain is carrying. I will do them last since they are different than everything else.


img_0307.jpg img_0306-2.jpg img_0298.jpg

Blood Reavers – Complete!

A couple of hours last night and a few today have let me complete the 10 Blood Reavers!

I’ll skip the main steps outside of highlighting the Khorne Red with Evil Skullz Crimson, which went better than it had previously. While doing highlighting in general, I’m noticing the paint dries too quick on my palette, causing issues when doing layers and sharp lines. I’m going to have to investigate this further.

Regardless, I’m very happy with how they came out, highlighting issues notwithstanding. I’m still not entirely sure whether I’m going too crazy with the Blood For the Blood God, but if there was ever an army that would lend itself to it, it’d be this, wouldn’t it? I’m trying to use it on the more 3D elements of the bases, though, to create an interesting look. I also upped the amount of snow on the bases to balance the colors out some and to allow the BFTBG to pop out.

I’m particularly happy with the one with the top knot. I somehow didn’t mess up the face on the model, and the teal really allows the model to jump out.

All 10 models finished.

img_0299.jpgHalf of the Blood Reavers

img_0300.jpgThe other half of the Reavers.

img_0303.jpgAll 16 Blood Reavers thus far; 4 to go (until the rest arrive…)

img_0302.jpgA close up on the helmet-less topknot buddy. I’ve since cleaned up the base rim some.


Blood Reavers – Highlighting 1

Things are now starting to come together from a muddy mess to jumping off of the model somewhat. Three areas of focus tonight:

  1. Fur: Drybrushed Tyrant Skull on the fuzzy bits and it made a bit of mess of the wristguards. I’ll have to redo the brown when I get there, but the fur looks okay.
  2. Skin: Faint lines of Pallid Wych Flesh along muscle lines. I am not doing this well enough and it doesn’t make much difference as a result.
  3. Metallics: Skullcrusher Brass over existing Balthasar Gold. Makes things look so much nicer and bright. Maybe not the aesthetic some like, but I like colour. Steel got a cleanup of Leadbelcher where needed and highlighted with Runefang Steel.
  4. Topknot: Touched up the one topknot with Meridius Blue (P3). I’ll do one more highlight of it before this is over.


All in all, things are starting to come together. Next are the Reds and Browns highlighted, then a few odds and ends and I can start on the snow.


img_0296.jpg img_0295.jpg

Blood Reavers – More Basecoating + Wash

Nothing terribly exciting tonight. The rest of the base coats were finished and an Agrax Earthshade wash has been applied to everything that isn’t skin to prepare for highlighting past this point.


Paints used: Balthasar Gold and Khorne Red touch ups, Rhinox Hide, Mournfang Brown, Zandri Dust, Leadbelcher, Abaddon Black and Mechanicus Standard Grey.