Sick Day – Lots of Work Done! (Flesh Hounds / Karanak / Blood Warriors)

Due to the fact I could barely sit up most of the day, I had a sick day today. Once I woke up, there wasn’t much I could do but paint.

As a result:

  1. A second Flesh Hound crosses the finish line.
  2. The other 8 Flesh Hounds has their fans painted and washed where appropriate, and a Khorne Red pseudo wet brush to bring some scales up.
  3. Karanak had a new base made for him and was primed, basecoated and washed twice. He’s getting the hero model treatment because why not.
  4. Khorne Red was put on the other 5 Blood Warriors from a few steps before.

They are painting up quick at least! I won’t be winning any awards but they are certainly passable.

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