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Sick Day – Lots of Work Done! (Flesh Hounds / Karanak / Blood Warriors)

Due to the fact I could barely sit up most of the day, I had a sick day today. Once I woke up, there wasn’t much I could do but paint.

As a result:

  1. A second Flesh Hound crosses the finish line.
  2. The other 8 Flesh Hounds has their fans painted and washed where appropriate, and a Khorne Red pseudo wet brush to bring some scales up.
  3. Karanak had a new base made for him and was primed, basecoated and washed twice. He’s getting the hero model treatment because why not.
  4. Khorne Red was put on the other 5 Blood Warriors from a few steps before.

They are painting up quick at least! I won’t be winning any awards but they are certainly passable.

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Interlude – Khorne Fleshhounds pt1

I was feeling a bit Blood Warrior’d out, so I dug out some half finished Khorne Fleshhounds I have for my Daemonkin and Karanak.

Got Karanak put together, and I’ll get him primed once I get the rest of the hounds together.

The hounds were fully rebased the hounds with Astrogranite Debris and the bases received the normal Nuln Oil/Dawnstone/Administratum Grey/Terminus Stone drybushes. The hounds themselves were rebasecoated with Khorne Red, and the grey stripes were done with P3 Ironhull Grey. Two coats of Nuln Oil finished the job for now. They look so much better already.




Listbuilding for LVO!

Since I’m plotting out what I need to have painted for Las Vegas Open, I may as well share it out.

The way the Age of Sigmar tournament at LVO works is that you get a 2000pt army with a 500pt sideboard.

Here is my current list:

# Name Pts
1 Aspiring Deathbringer 80
1 Skullgrinder 80
1 Bloodsecretor 120
1 Bloodstoker 80
1 Slaughterpriest 100
2 Blood Warriors [5] 200
2 Blood Warriors [5] 200
2 Blood Warriors [5] 200
2 Blood Reaver [10] 120
1 Skullreapers [5] 140
1 Skullreapers [5] 140
1 Khorgorath 80
1 Khorgorath 80
1 Chaos Warshrine [Khorne] 200
1 Skulltake [Formation] 100
1 Red Huntsmen [Formation] 80
1 Karanak 100
2 Flesh Hounds [5] 200
1 Mighty Lord of Khorne 140
1 Blood Reavers [10] 60

Almost there – Blood Warriors pt4

Making up for lost time. With decent football games on, I’ve been able to get some real work done.

I am at the final highlighting stage now. I need to do another coat of the red and highlight it, highlight the brass, and do the boots… so I am at the same place I left the last five warriors.

I am particularly happy with the skin on the arms of two of them. I am definitely improving there.


All five so far.


Close up on the arms. Did a little scarring on the one on the left.


All Blood Warriors in their various states. I’ll have to get them all on the same page.

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Back in the Saddle – Blood Warriors Pt 2

Well, that was a delay, but I have a deadline to meet and wasting time is not the best idea. Got hit with a two pronged attack of discouragement and getting really sick. I don’t recommend either.

So. Back in the saddle, so started back on the Blood Warriors on my desk. The scheme is the same as last time: Gold drybrush, Leadbelcher layer and Khorne Red on the first five. I need a new pot of Khorne Red so I will stop there for now. Also: bases drybrushed with Mechanicum Standard Grey and washed with Nuln Oil. I want to get the bases done before I get too far ahead, mainly due to the skulls on the bases now.

More work tomorrow while watching football. It’s nice to be back.