Blood Reavers – Highlighting 1

Things are now starting to come together from a muddy mess to jumping off of the model somewhat. Three areas of focus tonight:

  1. Fur: Drybrushed Tyrant Skull on the fuzzy bits and it made a bit of mess of the wristguards. I’ll have to redo the brown when I get there, but the fur looks okay.
  2. Skin: Faint lines of Pallid Wych Flesh along muscle lines. I am not doing this well enough and it doesn’t make much difference as a result.
  3. Metallics: Skullcrusher Brass over existing Balthasar Gold. Makes things look so much nicer and bright. Maybe not the aesthetic some like, but I like colour. Steel got a cleanup of Leadbelcher where needed and highlighted with Runefang Steel.
  4. Topknot: Touched up the one topknot with Meridius Blue (P3). I’ll do one more highlight of it before this is over.


All in all, things are starting to come together. Next are the Reds and Browns highlighted, then a few odds and ends and I can start on the snow.