Building Interlude

My second Starter Set arrived, so I spent some time getting those models together. The Leader models were mounted on cork to make for a bit more dynamic base, otherwise things are the same.

I’m going to get some Blood Warriors primed so I can start on the next batch tomorrow. Still sick, so I don’t want to get too carried away with painting.



Game Report! Ironjaws vs Khorne

Sorry for being so quiet, getting sick sucks and it really cut into my painting schedule.

In lieu, I got a quick AoS game in on Saturday versus my good buddy Nick’s Ironjawz. 1200 points.

The game lasted two turns. Ironjawz on the charge hurt. Who knew? Got absolutely flattened, a mess of Brutes broke through my Reavers like butter and jumped on all of my commanders.

Oh well, got some neat shots at least!





Blood Warriors – Mid-Highlighting

Woke up earlier this morning than expected, so I put some extra time in on the Blood Warriors before my game today.

Skin was touched up using the usual colours, and the red went from Khorne Red up to Evil Suns Scarlet. Skull grinder Brass was used liberally as well.

Highlights have been started, but I did not get too far. The brass highlighting always takes the longest.



Blood Warrior – Test Finish!

Test model is now complete! The Blood for the Blood God addresses some of the issues I had with the teeth axe hammer thing.

I realized while finishing the blood that I didn’t actually put any additional basing on these models! Still waiting for the resin skulls to come in, but hey these are starting box models.

The remaining four are currently soaking in wash and will be ready in about 40 minutes. Hooray!


img_0315.jpg img_0314-1.jpg

Blood Warriors – Test Batch

Onto the next task!

These are the 5 Blood Warriors from the Age of Sigmar. You can tell a good starter model as it took me about 5 minutes to look through 15 BWs to pick out the starters.

I’ve basecoated 5 in Balthasar Gold and did the bases’ base coats, but only one got Khorne Red/Leadbelcher/Mournfang Brown/Zandri Dust coats. Black was touched up with Abaddon Black, and an Agrax Earthshade wash was applied to finish the basic base coat. There are other colours to do later on such as the skin, but the main ones are down now.

Not exactly a thrilling update, this one, but I am baby stepping through the first one.



Hey there! Thanks for coming by.

I just got the Facebook page up and going, and I can’t seem to export my first few posts to the FB page as of yet, so here’s a gallery of everything I’ve done in the last week.

It’s just 20 Blood Reavers, following the really good Warhammer TV guide found here:

Next on the list is going to be 5 Blood Warriors from the same series, and once the resin skulls I ordered off of eBay arrive, I’ll start doing some of the character models.

All Blood Reavers Blood Reaver Command

Blood Reavers Command – Complete!

Okay, I think I got my Reaver badge now.

Powered through and did all of the highlighting for the Command unit at once. Again, the skin could be a little better, but I still see improvement each time.

A friend commented they could be a bit more gruesome, so the splashes are a little more towards the models this time, plus the severed heads are a nice touch.

A group picture will follow, and then I’m going to move onto the 5 Blood Warriors from the Starter Box. I’d like to wait until my resin skulls get here but that may be a couple of weeks yet.





Blood Reaver Command – Basecoats and Washes

I’m up to the highlighting phase. I switched up my paint palette and am now using blank DVDs, which is really helping with paint consistency I am finding.

Regardless, the steps are the same as the previous Blood Reavers, just a lot quicker since there are only four. I am noticing the quality of the paint jobs getting better with each group too. Considering I just put another 20 Reavers together with another 20 enroute…

Only paint change is the topknot: Naggaroth Night base with an Imperial Purple (Reaper) drybrushing.

Note I did nothing with the banner or the heads the Chiefain is carrying. I will do them last since they are different than everything else.